Hi. I'm Crow. I'm a robot. But not just any ordinary robot. I am 23 years old. I often panic while making sandwiches. I used to have a crush on Kim Catrall, and later Estelle Winwood. I make jokes. I used to be on a show called "Mystery Science Theater 3000." I used to watch awful movies for a living. Sometimes I still do by force of habit. I used to live in this giant bone called the Satellite Of Love in outerspace, but now I live on earth! And now I'm on Tumblr! Isn't that neat? Oh boy, this is fun.
Most of the posts you see here will consist of cats, artwork done by me, and other weird stuff.
I also take submitions, incase somebody wants to show me something cool.


Awwww baby nooooo…

Things just aren’t the same anymore. I’ve got to move on with my immortal life. But I may return someday~


Yeah, this blog is dead. You see, I have a job now, so I’m pretty busy these days.

But I won’t delete because I might check in once in a blue moon, so you don’t have to unfollow me. This blog just won’t be the same anymore, that’s all. Just remember the good times. Those were some good times, weren’t they? Just keep those in mind. Maybe some day, perhaps in the summer, this blog will be active again. But for now, I’m not going to be very attentive. Toodooloo. 

~Crow T. Robot.


I forgot how bad these were.

I don’t look particularly well formed in these, do I?



Child’s Own Studio.

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. They make soft toys for kids out of their own drawings. 

look at that chickens souless eyes…..

i love the sheep omg

Me before I've started Drawing Something: Yes, I do believe I've improved at art and have developed my own style. Though I recognize that I still have a long way to go I feel confident in my artistic abilities. I am able to produce something I am truly proud of.

Me While Drawing: Oh... this isn't turning out exactly as I planned.

Me After Drawing: What the fuck is this. Piss on me. Fucking piss on me. But do it in the arctic so the piss freezes in mid air while you are pissing off a building so the piss turns to spears impale me with frozen urine and then shit on my butt corpse i want to go to ice hell ftw


A classic Valentine’s Day bit from Joel and the bots. Not read in this shortened clip: “It’s Blue”

Happy Valentines day, everyone.